Tuesday, May 22, 2007

the saga ends

i once wondered if it would be good.
i see now that's its more than good...it's perfect.
funny how our mind can make us slip and dip back into a time that's dangerous.
i must say goodbye.
i'm letting go of the dream i had of us.
we can never be one in this lifetime.
so i gotta shake u off.
i'm tired.

ready for my king to find me.
ready to be the center of his mind and let his eyes dine on me.
time will evaporate each day i wake up next him.
i want to be lost within purified and unconditional love.
divine love.
the kind that's all mine and all his.
we'll have some kids and grow steady together.
i'm ready.
it's time for me to soak up the love of my soulmate.

i'm ready.
i've let go of my past lullaby.
stuffing me then eating me up from the inside
i've been beaten too long.
hallucinated the dream when i'm sober.
so i'm finally shaking the spell. its over.
dim is the light that used to shine when i thought of my lullaby.
reality has finally caught up.
it's over.

i'm done with dreaming of unmaterialized love.
teasing me, each time u'd come to my spot.
knowing i'm digging u.
knowing u love someone else.
someone who'll never be me.
i'm tired.

i gotta let u go so my king can find me.
i'm letting go of the dream because i'm ready for him.
i need him to enter my life and B my light.
i'll rotate around his sun.
the man for me will fulfill my need to have pure and untampered with - love.

i'm ready for my king to give me...
perfectly, phenomenal...

peace, love and respect.

--your friend always

Monday, February 19, 2007


have u ever wanted something so badly, you felt like it was yours already?

that's the right attitude.

keep moving in that direction.


Monday, January 01, 2007

it's 2007


this year will manifest everything. i will implement all lessons learned from 2006. each passing moment is a chance to turn it all around. i will be the living example of righteousness.

inhale the butterflies. exhale the demons.

enjoy every moment of your life!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

diamonds and gold

what's the deal with folk's obsession with gold and diamonds?

does anyone want to reflect on the old black man in africa that walked many miles to shift through dirt for hours only to exchange the gold or diamond that he recovers for ONE BAG OF WHEAT to feed his entire family?

meanwhile, that same diamond is sold to some sap sucker in the united states for $4,000.

it's like slavery never happened...

or better yet, is it still in full effect?

whatcha think?

Friday, September 29, 2006

breathing air is fantastic!

i've found balance.

i remember again why i'm on the planet. i had lost my way at one point.

i'm here to breathe air.

never mind all the hard times that were thrown my way. i gained the lessons and appreciate the wisdom i have because of those obstacles.

i'm here to breathe air.

even in the midst of the storm, i must keep my eye focused on peace. that special place that CANNOT be disturbed.

ever wonder how some people can walk on fire, break stone tables with their bare hands, and withstand freezing temperatures naked?


i'm here to breathe air and be peace.

AH........inhale the butterflies, exhale the demons.


divine oasis

Thursday, September 14, 2006

i'm back

peace family,

it's been a long while. i'm getting wiser by the day. life is grand. celebrate it!

i got more to give ya. just touching base for now.


Sunday, July 30, 2006

bye bye LA LA

Yeah let me flip this shit. It’s like the world has turned itself inside out. Or is it me that flipping inside out? Someone else has taken over my body. I’m so numb to the lack of support from people I thought was on the same team as me. I turned 30 and gained a whole new perspective on this thang we call life. One moment, one situation, one incident, one conversation, one look, one action, one unspoken word, one thing can change it all. Your perspective. Damn, I never thought I would be dancing in the rain. Yet, I am. They say when it rain it pours. This running faucet of water is pouring on my locks and drenching my spirit. Cleansing me of the la la shit I’ve been on my whole life. You know, LA LA. Thinking the world is a warm and welcoming place. By the world, I don’t mean nature, because that’s where I find my balance. By world I mean the people in it. People are so full of hogwash. Yet I used to look thru my LA LA glasses and see smiles on the faces of people I know, I would feel comfort in knowing them, they would smile, I would smile back and be happy and comfortable in my la la place. Truth is, the LA LA glasses have been removed and I can clearly see that people truly don’t give a fuck. So what did I get for my 30th birthday? Thick skin. That was my born day present to myself. Thick, u can’t penetrate, u can’t get thru, u can’t affect, u can’t disappoint, thick brown skin. I’ll use the melanin that’s dancing beneath my surface of my thick skin as fuel to push thru the hogwash and get to the real. My pact to myself, tonight, this morning at 2:37 am on Sunday, July 30, 2006 is I’m a seeker of the REAL. Hogwash is no longer allowed within the walls of my temple. Mental, physical or otherwise.

Favorite line from underworld evolution:
“why would I listen to your lies, when the path to the truth is so much sweeter?”